7 Tiny Offerings is for all of us, made with love, for the times we feel lost or disconnected, in hopes that with support, and encouragement, and practice, we may feel the truth that we are always whole and we are never, ever alone.  

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7 Tiny Offerings is 5.5 x 8.5 inches and 40 pages. Seven + blessings and simple practices to connect you with yourself. Handwritten text and stirring photographs, beautifully printed and softbound. Blank space to write your very own blessings. A perfect gift for yourself or a dear friend, and a delight to hold in your hands.

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As seen on the Clarion Content: Check out a conversation about the making of the book and a brief reading with founder Aaron Mandel, right here.

7 tiny offerings is a daybook of blessings inspired by tokens from the natural world, and a celebration of making small, imperfect, tangible representations of the human heart. It encourages us to honor the cycles of our growth, emotional being, creativity and community, and offers simple practices to connect more deeply with ourselves and the world around us.

This project was born of connections, and its purpose in the world is to encourage more of that. It is built on the practices that connect me to my self: the practices of yoga, of walking mindfully and listening deeply, of writing by hand words that come straight from the heart. These tools reliably bring a sense of homecoming. They drop us back into what is real and true, our living experience rather than our analysis of it.

This book filled a deep need for a small win: a need to honor something my heart wanted to make, for the joy of making it; to hold it in my own hands and read it back; to share it with you, if you need these words and these practices too.

It is a privilege to share this small piece of my heart.

I hope it blesses and nourishes you.

May it be of use.


Maker IMG_3848Melinda Hunt teaches individuals to come home to themselves through the practices of yoga, emphasizing presence over poses, integrity over outcomes, and compassion over all. 

Blessings are my form of prayer, my way of connecting with and invoking what I need, of offering goodwill and love to my self and others. 

Connect with me in person at The Mothership, and online at melhunt.com and Instagram.