Drawing from the Well


You’ve consulted with your friends, your therapist, and even your cat. (The feline was suspiciously silent.)

Still, you don’t know what to do.

You’re overwhelmed, uncertain, and losing faith in your own wisdom. Oof.

Let us show you another way.

A kinder, calmer, more loving way.

My friend Kylie Bellard and I have been checking our own inner compasses, and the result is something special just for you. It’s called Drawing from the Well: Remember your Inner Wisdom. How does it feel to think of your wisdom as a well that supports you? What might it be like to connect to and draw from that well in big decisions or in everyday life?

On Saturday, June 20, in Seattle, Washington, we are gathering a small group of lovely people for a half-day workshop to practice connecting with the personal well of wisdom that lives inside. Won’t you join us and connect with your own?

In Drawing from the Well, you’ll learn to access the treasure trove of wisdom already inside you.  

  • You’ll discover that your inner wisdom really does exist (and always has).
  • You’ll learn how to access that wisdom at a moment’s notice, whenever you need it most.
  • You’ll meet a trusted guide who’s there for you 24/7: yourself.
  • You’ll feel intimately connected with your truest self.

Are you ready?

Click here to join us for the journey.


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