“If you want to take time for yourself and honor your existence, this is the course for you… Truly, there is a deep reason for “why” I am so drawn to yoga and “why” I feel compelled to practice. This course helped draw it out of me.” Gabriella Volpe

Laying the Foundation is a self-paced e-course in building your very own personal practice of yoga. In 5 short modules, you’ll step through all of the most common obstacles to an independent practice, while building self-awareness and self-acceptance that will support you throughout your life.

I made this for you. 

For you, who is longing for a deeper connection. For you who wants to trust yourself. For you, who senses yoga is more than you’ve been sold, and more than the poses we do on the mat. For you, who wonders if yoga is for you, if you don’t seem to fit the mold.

For you who feels nervous in public classes, or who simply can’t afford to go as often as you’d like. For you who longs for a practice that fits, that feels like home. For you, who needs guidance on the logistics of self practice, as well as a way to understand what it means in the context of your life. For you who is ready to try, who is ready to start again (and again), for you who is ready to PRACTICE.

You belong. You count. You matter. Most of all, to your own self. What practice offers is a completely individual way to begin to trust these truths. I made this for you, for your very own practice, a compassionate foundation for your journey.

Welcome Home.

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Laying the Foundation includes:

  • 5 self-paced video lessons and written materials delivered via a private login to this website.
  • Guidance in moving through each of the most common roadblocks to personal practice.
  • Email check-ins to encourage your engagement with the content.
  • Learning agreements and a certificate of completion
  • A special discount for one-on-one support on completion of all five lessons

Laying the Foundation does not include practice videos. Far more important than what we do in our practice is the ability to connect with ourselves within it, and this is what Laying the Foundation offers. You will gain a clearer understanding of your own needs and preferences as a practitioner and how to support those needs, and this will give you the ability to move through the obstacles that cause so many practitioners to become stuck before they ever get started.

Need a preview of the quality of content you’ll receive? Preview the first lesson.

My commitment to you in offering this content:

If you give your full attention to this coursework and complete all 5 lessons (requiring a baseline of 4-5 hours of your time), you will make significant progress toward a personal practice that supports your life and your self development. You will increase your awareness and acceptance of your individual needs as a practitioner. You will have greater clarity on yoga’s value to you and what you hope to gain from it (paving the way to receive those benefits), and you will gain a greater sense ease in the process, beginning your practice with inspiration and a sense of commitment.

On Conscious Pricing

Laying the Foundation is based on a conscious pricing model, beginning at $10. Personal practice is the most affordable as well as one of the most transformative ways to practice, but it can be challenging to get started on your own. I have taught this content to many practitioners online, in live workshops, and within the Yoga of You, and this is my effort to make it available to everyone who needs it. When choosing your price, please consider the value of this offering, what you can honestly afford, and how to incentivize yourself to use and benefit from this material rather than allowing it to take up much needed mental space.  

Mel Kylie headshot 2I’m Mel and personal practice is my passion, and it’s my way of life. I’ve been at this a long time. Despite that, there is always more to yoga, more to practice, more ways to bring it to life. And that opportunity for ever-more learning lights me up. Yoga offers greater engagement in our lives and I would love to share this practice with you. My focus in teaching is on the individual, on body awareness and self-awareness, on presence and conscious choice – and in developing the tools and community we need to support ourselves and each other in this self-work. My own practice varies a great deal depending on my needs, and you can get an idea of what that looks like here.