This page will give you a brief preview of the video quality and manner of instruction you’ll receive as part of Laying the Foundation, as well as a peek at some of the written materials supporting your learning. 

Philosophically, yoga is about establishing a connection with ourselves. (wellll, it’s actually a bit more than that, but let’s keep it simple for now, ok?) This means that absolutely anything that we do can be yoga, as long as we are bringing an element of awareness, of presence, to the activity. The asanas – or poses – that we see portrayed as yoga are simply one vehicle for this connection. They are helpful structures and we will refer to them a lot, but I want you to know from the very beginning that yoga – and therefore your own practice – can be so much broader than the poses we might have seen or experienced, and still provide the same benefits.

This may inspire a feeling of relief or relaxation in you; but if you crave structure and need systems – you might have a very different reaction. How do YOU feel about the idea of yoga being so broad? It’s helpful to acknowledge this and I’m going to ask you to notice your feelings throughout these lessons. No matter what your reaction – even if it’s neutral – IT’S ALL GOOD.  We’re gathering useful information to support you in building your practice. Over the course of these lessons, we’ll be building your awareness and laying a foundation that will allow you as much structure or freedom as YOU need in your own personal practice. 

Let’s get started.

Right now, we’re talking about WHEN we’ll do our practice. 

For your reflection:

  • What are your needs from your practice – physically, mentally, & emotionally? 
  • What is your daily & weekly schedule? 
  • How much (or little) structure do you need? 
  • Are there particular events during your days that could frame your practice?
  • Are there particular times of day or week when you need the benefits your practice can provide?

Did this exploration provide any insights into the WHEN of your practice? 

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