Private Instruction and Passive Yoga

Private Yoga Instruction

Private Instruction is tailored specifically to your needs and is designed to move you forward along your yoga path, whatever that may be. Private Instruction offers time for all of your questions and to work on the details of specific poses or techniques, or the opportunity to have a completely customized session structured to leave you ready for sleep, energetically balanced, or awake and alert.

Have you always wondered how the mechanics of a safe, strong chaturanga are actually supposed to work? We’ll break it down and build your strength, step by step. Do you have an injury or physical concerns? Learn how to care for your body and prevent pain in your practice. Are you a beginner? Perfect. Private classes are a great way to get started in yoga with an understanding of how your body works and receive detailed instruction in safe alignment that you can take with you into any yoga class.

If you are uncomfortable beginning or joining in public Yoga classes for any reason, working one-on-one is a wonderful alternative for you to work on your own terms, in an environment that’s comfortable for you. On request, we can even record your session for your own further use and study, helping you on your way to an independent practice.

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Passive Yoga

Passive Yoga is, well, passive. You receive the yoga (and it’s de-licious!!) Think of Passive Yoga as akin to massage. I place you in static stretching poses and work with the full range of motion in each joint, moving your body to gently lengthen and restore. Leave your passive session feeling physically balanced, calm, open and centered.

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Both Private Instruction and Passive Yoga are available in my Durham, North Carolina home or yours, locally (a travel fee of may apply outside a certain radius; please see my short, sweet policies page for details).


Private Instruction: $50/hr; First session $65/90 minutes
Private instruction is completely customized, and as such, your first session will include a preparatory consult to cover your background, concerns, needs and goals for personal instruction.

Passive Yoga Session: $50/90 minutes
Passive Yoga is geared more toward relaxation and restoration than instruction. Because it takes some time to settle in and relax, these sessions run a little longer.

Session packages: $225/5 sessions (1 session half price)
$450/10 sessions (1 session free)


Let’s talk. I want you to be comfortable that working with me is right for you before booking a session. Click the button below to schedule a free consultation with me. We’ll get to know one another a bit and discuss any special needs you may have.

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