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Personal Yoga Instruction

This is yoga that comes to you, works with your schedule, and takes place in the comfort and privacy of your own home. If you have ever wondered if yoga is for you, it’s just a matter of finding the right doorway in. Working one-on-one allows us the freedom to experiment, adjust, and explore. It also means there is no pressure to cram yourself into a mold that doesn’t fit – yoga was never meant to force us into crowded rooms or tight pants or pretzel shapes if that’s not our thing.

I specialize in the individualization of yoga practice. My instruction honors all that you already know, and invites you into a deeper conversation with your body and your mind. Slow and attentive are hallmarks of my work.

The way yoga is taught nowadays often gives the impression that there is one solution to everyone’s problems and one treatment for every illness… It is not that the person needs to accommodate him- or her-self to yoga, but rather the yoga practice must be tailored to fit each person.

– T.K.V. Desikachar

My personal yoga clients come in every shape and capability, and they include:

  • Complete beginners and people who never dreamed they’d be into yoga.
  • Those who are curious, but uncomfortable with public classes.
  • Yoga students who wonder if they’re getting it.
  • People with physical challenges, injuries, and widely varying capabilities.
  • Experienced practitioners seeking to support their structural integrity, and deepen their relationship with themselves.

Curious about my yoga background and training? Click here.


In the comfort of your own home, in and around Durham, NC (a travel fee may apply outside a certain radius; please see my short, sweet policies page for details). Not local or need in-depth support for your personal practice? Check out the Yoga of You.


Single session: $65/hr

Session packages: $292/5 sessions (1 session half price) or $585/10 sessions (1 session free)

What to expect:

I ask questions that both respect and increase your knowledge of your own body – and we work together to adapt the practice for your personal needs.

Each session is one hour and we’ll begin with a check in on how you’re feeling, follow with a simple exercise to focus our attention on the work we’re about to do, and then move into physical practice, the shape of which is individual to you. We end with relaxation to soothe your system and integrate what you’re learning.

If you’ve purchased a package of sessions, we’ll work progressively, but always with a sensitive eye to your changing needs. Had a particularly stressful day? We’ll work differently than when you’re excited and energetic.

Working one on one builds confidence in practicing on your own, and I provide helpful handouts to support you in between sessions.


Let’s talk. In order for you to get the most benefit from your sessions, it’s important that we’re a good fit. Click the button below to schedule a free consultation with me before you book. We’ll get to know one another a bit and discuss any special needs you may have.

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What my clients have to say:

I felt that I had many physical and psychological barriers to trying yoga in a group setting. By doing private lessons with Melinda, we have been able to focus on addressing and improving the physical barriers without fear of a group setting.

I have incorporated yoga into my exercise routines and because of that I have seen great improvements. I continually share this with my friends. The importance of the private lessons is getting comfortable with some of the positioning and overcoming physical limitations. I just don’t believe that can be done effectively in a group setting.
– Scott McCarver, Raleigh, NC

I have been practicing yoga for nearly twenty years. I have never worked with a better teacher than Mel Hunt. Her ability to connect with me and absorb what I am feeling and intuit what my body needs is uncanny.

Each practice is a new window into myself. I gain in the moment through the power of a strong, motivating, meaningful practice. I gain in the long term as I learn about myself and explore new pathways and understandings that I am able to take back into my personal practice.
– Aaron M. Durham, NC

I love the individual attention and the ability to ask questions and get clarification as we go along. Mel keeps in mind the goals I’ve set for myself and helps me work towards them… It’s personal, it’s time saving (no having to travel to a class) and it seems to perfect way to start the yoga journey for a beginner. It’s not intimidating at all and we have a lot of fun. I also love the cheat sheets that help me between classes. I’m especially grateful for Mel taking into considering physical limitations that I currently have.
– Gilly Sargent, Raleigh, NC

I have always wanted to try my hand at yoga but never felt ready to commit…suppose I felt a little nervous in that I wouldn’t ‘get it’. I have worked with Melinda for a few sessions now and have been amazed on how much more perspective I have. Through breathing and body engagement, I feel so much more aware of my surroundings and even what is important in life. I think so many times, our excessive schedules tend to inflict unrealistic pressure on what should get done each day. It is difficult to explain really, but through this awareness and perspective, I am fairer to myself.

This mental benefit has clearly been positive but the physical toning does not go without notice. My friends have noted how much taller and relaxed I look! I came to Melinda with poor knees and posture but with proper alignment, both areas have improved. My body is awakening in areas that have remained dormant for far too long. Melinda’s compassion, patience and exceptional knowledge has helped me create a space where can say ‘I am getting it!’
-Teresa Hunt, Durham, NC

Melinda is skilled at yoga and has much to teach. She sensitively adapts to the learning style of her student. I have a feeling of being led but not pulled.
-Duncan McEwen, Durham, NC