Location:  I proudly live and work in Durham, North Carolina, and my office is conveniently located in a shared space at 906 Broad Street.

Simple rates:  Appointments are priced based on time rather than a particular service, intake and outtake discussions and any education are included. I show up with all my experience, skills, and presence to meet your changing needs, and you'll pay one simple rate regardless of the structure of our session. Payment is accepted either online when scheduling, or at the time of your appointment via cash, check, or charge.

Gratuities:  In franchises, spas, and wellness centers, massage therapists often depend on tips to make a sustainable income. In my private practice, my rates allow me to comfortably cover my expenses; as a policy tips are not expected. Some clients insist on offering gratuities, in this case they are split between my community fund (see accessibility below), and my education fund to continue to expand on the skills I offer.

Discounts:  Regular massage therapy and yoga/movement instruction are an excellent support for holistic health, and I enjoy building a therapeutic relationship with you over time. Weekly sessions receive a discount of $15 per session, bimonthly $10 per session, and monthly $5 per session. Select 'Pay Later' when scheduling and we'll take care of payment and booking your next appointment at your session.

Accessibility:  Improving access to massage therapy and movement instruction is part of my personal mission. 5% of every client payment contributes to a community fund to supports those for whom my standard rates aren't an option. If you value this work and it is not affordable for you, please ask about my sliding scale. I offer a limited number of sliding scale sessions each month, email with inquiries. Please also look into Durham Bodywork, a community based organization that provides community massage clinics on a sliding scale.