Self-Practice: A post roundup


As I’m preparing for travel, squeezing in moments on my mat and in my body, I’m wanting you to know that you aren’t alone in the joys and struggles of practice. When we practice on our own, we make our own way, IN our own way, and sometimes it is reassuring to know that there are others out there, doing the same. Today, I thought I would share with you some lovely posts gathered from friends and fellow practitioners around the web.

Kylie Bellard of Effervescence:

“This is my kind of yoga. One where I do it because I love myself. A yoga that listens to what my body says, and heeds its messages.”

Sophie Langley of Mobile Massage & Yoga in Melbourne writes about self-practice and samskaras:

“Change, they say, is as good as a holiday. I wonder whether that’s because, like a holiday, change injects this novelty into life. It gives us an opportunity to see things from a different perspective. And if, as research suggests, the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves are so important to our wellbeing, then what a great opportunity this is.”

Anne Wu of

“The comfort I seek can only be found in my own mind and felt with my body.”

Julia Lee of Julia Lee Yoga:

“today, my choice is to share the struggle. To simply sit and breathe for a while and feel where the struggle arises. To get on the mat and invite my practice to crack me open and let the struggle pass through. To cling to threads of hope and happiness with blind faith that everything will work out. My choice is to eat tiramisu for lunch and sit down and write an honest blog post and tell my sister I love her.”

I’ve heard from others as well, on the facebook page and via email, in conversations on Twitter (one especially lovely one, spawned by this lovely video from Anna Guest-Jelly of Curvy Yoga where @alliemullin says: “Balance is not permanent… We’re constantly shifting and our lives and practices have to adapt to that.”

And I would love to hear from YOU. Whether you are just beginning to think about your self-practice or you’ve been at it for years! What questions do you have? What are you working on? What’s making sense and what’s challenging for you right now? Share your experiences or questions in the comments below or a link to a post you’ve made about your own practice – on your own blog, Instagram, or elsewhere. Let’s practice together.

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