Self-Practice: Sweet Savasana


It’s been awhile since my weekly posts on personal practice, since beginning school for massage and bodywork it’s been harder to find the time to post over here. In the meantime, if you need some inspiration and companionship for your own practice, you can find me more regularly writing over on Instagram.

I have a confession to make, and it feels like a big one. I’ve been in the habit of skipping Savasana lately, the final relaxation that comes at the end of a physical practice. I’m a little nervous to say this out loud and my mind is jumping ahead to the story and the justifications and arguing that I need to explain. As a practitioner, I recognize the importance of practicing Corpse Pose. As a teacher, I want to impart this to you. There are a million reasons I’ve left my mat before lying down and I could take the time to tell you about them, but I bet you have a million reasons too. A million reasons not to practice, not to do something that is good for you – so many reasons even to avoid doing something that actually feels good. So let’s save that discussion and all it’s implications for another day, ok?

I’d rather talk about how quickly this year is drawing to a close. It’s been a wild ride and I need rest, stillness, and quiet to integrate all that has happened and all I am learning. The same kind of quiet awareness we practice in Savasana. I’m making Savasana a priority every day through the end of the year, whether it follows my physical practice or encompasses it. If you are needing some of this sweet stillness too, please join me over at Instagram and post your own photos and reflections using #savasanasunset2014. I’ll be using this to hold myself accountable and to document the experience, and to throw out some practices and tips as they feel appropriate.

Have questions, comments or “Hell Yes”-es? Post them in the comments below or over on Instagram. See you there.

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