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Take the Benefits of Yoga Off the Mat and Into Your Life through Personal Practice.

The Yoga of You is a mentoring program to help you build a practice that strengthens your health, your awareness and your sense of peace. A yoga practice built for you, BY you, with steady support along the way. A yoga practice that invites your whole body, your whole self (and more joy!) into your life.

The Story of The Yoga of You

I took yoga classes off and on for many years. And I practiced on my own – off and on, for many years. Yoga was there for me through some tough times – in others, I didn’t allow it to be. I might practice regularly at home for a few months and feel like a new person – sleeping solidly, less nagging knee and back issues, more calm and more joyful. Inevitably (it seemed), something would throw things off balance – a change in schedule, travel plans, an uptick in job expectations or a chronically ill pet. Suddenly, I would realize weeks or months had slipped by without hitting my mat at all and I felt lousy – tired and stressed and out of balance.

A few years ago, this cycle of on and off practice finally shifted. The death of one of our pets (not the worst event we had ever lived through, or ever will, but a very sad time) made me realize that our lives will inevitably change. In enormous ways. Sometimes by our own hand, and sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control. I’m not sure why losing our sweet boy made this so soundly and suddenly REAL, but it did. I realized that one day in the not-too-distant future, our remaining four-footed kids would also be gone. It was clear that the life I’d led, which had been centered on our boy’s care for some time, was going to change. And I didn’t feel well equipped for this new life, at all. I had some big dreams for the future, but I didn’t feel ready to face their reality. I didn’t even feel capable of taking the necessary action to bring them to life. Something in me knew that it was time to prepare myself for harder work than I’d ever done, for a very different sort of life than the one I’d been living. The only tool I knew could carry me through all the sweetness and sadness and persevering to come, was yoga. But yoga couldn’t support me, it couldn’t do it’s work on me, if I didn’t work more consistently at it. 

I may have missed just a couple of daily practices the next year, and I’ve been practicing steadily ever since. Taking charge of my yoga practice gave me a sense of steadiness. It allowed me to take clear action in my life and to breathe through all the things that were beyond my control. Those big dreams, that future life? I’m IN IT. The goals themselves may have shifted a bit, but my yoga practice gave me the tools and the confidence to create forward motion in my life, to follow the things that called to me, those where I felt most at home, most myself, and most of service.

I’m telling you this story because my personal practice has been both the force for positive change in my life – and the source of calm when it feels like things never will. I know the power of a solid self-practice, and how it can extend out beyond the borders of our own selves to impact those around us. I also know how challenging and sometimes isolating it can be to build and maintain a steady practice on our own, without support and guidance and camaraderie.

This is why I’ve created the Yoga of You. While it took a catalyst for me to commit to my own practice, you don’t need to wait for one yourself. All the obstacles I encountered on my way to a regular practice taught me so much, and I’m here now to offer you support and solutions in moving through your own challenges along the way. The Yoga of You provides steady support, strategies and practical tools to provide a smoother, more enjoyable path to your own regular practice. With a strong personal practice in place, you will be well-equipped to create forward motion toward your own goals, and to weather the ups and downs that life will inevitably deliver. 

I invite you to read through this page, find out more about the Yoga of You, how it is structured, what it includes, and see how you feel.

If anything you’ve heard in this story or on the rest of the page calls out to you, if you’ve been longing for the support of a steady personal practice in your own life, click the “Book Now” button at the bottom of the page and let’s talk. Your Yoga of You introductory session is complimentary, a way for the two of us to connect and get to know one another a bit. We’ll chat for 15-30 minutes about your yoga background, your goals for your practice and any challenges or obstacles you may have. By the end of our talk, you’ll know if the Yoga of You is the support you’ve been looking for – you’ll already feel invested in yourself and your practice and be ready to begin.

Let’s get started! Read on to learn more about the Yoga of You!

You already know about the benefits of yoga.

If you have been practicing yoga in a class environment or off and on at home, you may have felt wonderful physical and/or emotional benefits from your yoga experiences. But you may have a sense that there is more to it. Does it feel like the bubble bursts whenever you walk out of class or resume your daily activities? Or do you seem to carry the benefits with you for a time, only to get off track somehow – you stop practicing or attending class, just when you feel you are getting somewhere? Do you find it hard to stick with it? You believe that there must be a way to carry the benefits of yoga home with you, or out into your family life, the workplace, your relationships.

You want a practice that can support you throughout your life. You’ve thought about practicing on your own, the concept appeals to you. You might have even done this, with videos or books or on your own, but it just never stuck. You’re longing for a consistent connection to your practice and to those benefits that you have felt. You may want to add some independent practice to your existing classes or you feel uneasy at the thought of being in a room full of bendy people in stretchy pants and you’d prefer to practice on your own. No matter what your yoga background or experience is, if your goals for yoga include any of the following:

  • increasing your strength, flexibility and physical health
  • becoming more present in your daily life
  • experiencing more contentment, ease and joy
  • increasing your emotional stability
  • managing your stress level
  • growing your self-confidence

a regular practice can create powerful forward motion toward any or all of these goals. Personal practice is a way to carry the yoga bubble with you – to take the benefits of yoga off the mat and out into your life. Yoga is a system that’s built to address our whole self – physical body, mind, emotions, and spirit or soul. This is what yoga is meant for, to bring us home to our selves. And through regular practice, it does – very effectively.

It’s so easy to get stuck before we even get started!

Here’s the rub. Practicing on our own is challenging. Getting started is hard enough – just the thought of moving by ourselves without a teacher for guidance may leave us paralyzed. Once we begin to move, we have busy lives and competing priorities that rarely if ever take our own physical or mental well-being into account. We are a product of a lifetime worth of habits that may reinforce unhealthy ways of being. We have obstacles, from our schedules and commitments to available space and our own infuriating resistance to change. It’s so easy to get stuck! Even on things that we enjoy or know would be good for us – maybe especially then! When it comes to self-practice, there aren’t many obstacles that I haven’t worked through myself over the last several years. Like these:

  • Where do I START?
  • I don’t have an hour every day to practice!
  • Will I hurt myself?
  • I can’t seem to motivate myself unless I’m attending class (and not even then, sometimes!)
  • How do I deal with {the dog/kids/my crazy schedule}?
  • I WANT to practice at home, but I can’t seem to make it happen. Why can’t I follow through?
  • I’ve had a home practice, but as soon as life gets stressful I stop right when I need it most.
  • Sometimes I feel uncomfortable emotions when I practice. I thought yoga was supposed to feel good.

If any of these sound familiar, you are not alone! These common issues cause so many yoga practitioners to struggle with self-practice. I’ve been there too and I have worked with lots of students who express the same frustrations and concerns.

Ready to Stop Struggling and Create Forward Motion in Your Practice and Your Life?

If you are ready to stop struggling with your practice and begin reaping the benefits more consistently, the Yoga of You mentoring program will give you the guidance and support you need. Beginning and maintaining a self-practice of yoga doesn’t need to be such a struggle – and you don’t need to commit to an hour a day in order to feel the positive effects!

As a practitioner with a long term, established practice, I suffered from many false starts along the way. I have encountered many obstacles that could trip you up or have already stalled you on your own path to a regular practice that supports and sustains you. All the work of building my yoga practice has been so rewarding, but it was also much harder than it needed to be. I have no regrets now, but I often wonder where I would be now if I had had a teacher to guide me and help me along. It certainly wouldn’t have taken me 10 years to get where I am! And it doesn’t need to be like this for you. In this program I’ll share all the tools and strategies that I have learned with you, so that you can have a more enjoyable, easeful path to a regular practice. Finding your way to a consistent practice doesn’t need to feel like a fight.

There will be struggles from time to time of course – they are a part of the process. This program will not guarantee a frustration-free daily practice for the rest of your life (that’s just not how yoga – or life – works!) but it will give you tools to ease your way. We CAN set ourselves up for a smoother path and create forward motion toward our yoga goals and ultimately, in our lives.

What has yoga done for me?

Mel bio circleWhere am I now as a result of a consistent practice? Happier. Calmer and steadier. Healthier – much stronger and more flexible with less physical discomfort, more at peace with who I am. I have a greater sense of self-confidence and trust in my own wisdom and my own body. I am more present, more often – and that feels like LIVING my life instead of watching it pass me by. I am more in touch with and aware of my body, it’s needs and it’s feedback, and I take better care of it as a result. My yoga practice has built my tolerance for the inevitable ups and downs of life and allowed me to ENJOY my life more.

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The Yoga of You is a mentoring program for your independent yoga practice. I’ve created this program just for you, to assist you in building and maintaining the practice you’ve been dreaming of – a yoga practice that moves you forward toward your goals and provides support and steadiness through all that is beyond your control.

12 weeks to build the foundation

I’ve structured this program to provide individualized support for your personal yoga practice, consisting of 7 hour long phone sessions and email support over 12 weeks to assist you in beginning and maintaining a self practice of yoga that’s built around your specific needs and goals. The length of this program acknowledges the time it takes to establish solid habits. It also goes beyond the honeymoon period, when we can encounter trouble when life creeps in on the yoga glow.

We will begin with weekly phone sessions and we’ll ensure that your practice fits into your life without being overwhelming. After the first few sessions we’ll begin to increase the span of time between our meetings to encourage self-trust and independence as you begin to rely on your own guidance and your growing practice. Building a practice, like building any habit, takes time and effort – and becomes more ease-ful and enjoyable with support. It’s a investment in your self, in your beautiful life and in tools that will be there to support you all along the way.

A mentor and ally

Our sessions will be built around your goals and needs and will address your unique situation and obstacles. You’ll have a teammate at your side, sharing in the joy of your progress. You’ll have a staunch ally when you are having a tough week and wonder whether you will ever reach your goals. And you’ll receive a compassionate (but firm) nudge when needed.

The results

At the end of 3 months, you will have laid a firm foundation for a practice you can rely on throughout your life, a practice that supports your individual goals and adapts to your changing needs. You will have made measurable progress toward your goals for your practice and you will have learned techniques to address common pitfalls and roadblocks. You will have increased trust in yourself along the way, an increased sense of self-worth and self-confidence. You will have an new awareness of the seasons of practice and the adaptability of practice – how your yoga can shift with your life to support you in any situation.

After our time together, you will be able to fly free with greater confidence in your own guidance and you’ll have the flexibility to add sessions should you need additional support immediately following the program or further down the road.

What my current clients say about The Yoga of You:

Last week I went back to my chiropractor. I had noticed while doing supported shoulder stands that my feet were not even. I wondered if maybe it was how my hips were laying on the bolster rather than something being ‘out’. But I told her about it. After she adjusted me she told me she was so proud of me for recognizing the thing with the feet. I said “Okay, it’s not that big of deal.”  She responded that no, it is a big deal. Because for the 3 years that she has been seeing me, it has been obvious to her that my brain was never really aware of my body. She’s seeing that now, it is. I took that as a compliment…and then allowed myself that compliment. And now I’m forwarding it on to you. I’m at this place because you helped guide me here.

…This winter, with your help, I glimpsed a different me.  A calmer me.  A happier me.  A me that is more aware.  This wasn’t in my mind (because trust me, I questioned that very thing)…others noticed the change as well.

Rachel C.

Mel’s strong, yet gentle ways to address my personal needs during and between our sessions are helping me find new eyes to look at myself. Her support is very comprehensive.  Her professionalism is impressive. Her presence is amazing. I find the recorded sessions to be a positive reminder of what I know so far and helpful as a way of acknowledging/celebrating my progress… It is a concrete thing to go back to. I believe it might be a major tool for me. Mel has a powerful voice. Hearing her state out loud the progress I am making is bringing a new awareness to how I treat myself and the importance of taking care of my own needs.

She is helping me in so many ways. I am so grateful for her work.

Anne Bequet, Yoga Instructor, Cary, North Carolina

Your Yoga of You program includes:

bubble 1One on one mentoring with me. Depending on the package you select, we’ll work together over the phone for 7 sessions to lay the foundation, developing a practice that works for you. I’ll help you keep things simple, tune in to your own needs and work through any obstacles that you encounter along the way.

bubble 2Individualized tools and practices that support your unique situation and goals. Practices that work for YOUR life, YOUR schedule, YOUR body and YOUR goals. No more getting hung up on what to do, when, why & how. Have an injury or need assistance with a specific pose, transition or breathing technique? I’ll provide video or audio tutorials and assistance with your specific questions and concerns.

bubble 3Abundant Resources. You’ll get recordings of our sessions for review and a follow up email summary. Email check ins between sessions to provide accountability and celebrate your progress. Materials chosen specifically for you, to provide material for deeper study. An online folder with a clearly organized record of our work together, accessible anywhere, anytime. Need more? Journalling prompts to fuel your exploration? A log to document your practice and keep you motivated? Consider it done.

bubble 4Bonus! 2 “Floating Sessions”! Developing a yoga practice is not a linear process. This program is built to be flexible to adapt to your own needs, emotional cycles and life changes and includes two additional floating sessions. These two sessions can be used at any time during our 12 week period, or within the next year to breakthrough issues that may arise. Use them whenever you need support.

Your Investment

The Yoga of You is an investment of $900 or $320/month for 3 months.

Let’s get started! Find out if the Yoga of You is right for you by booking a complimentary introductory session today.

Your Introductory Session

In your introductory session we will get to know one another and determine together whether the Yoga of You is right for you. Over 30 minutes, we’ll discuss your yoga background and your goals. We’ll also cover any experiences you have had with yoga and obstacles you may have encountered. Whether or not you decide to continue with the program, this first session will provide a solid starting foundation. You’ll know whether the Yoga of You is RIGHT for you and you’ll begin to a sense of ownership and excitement for your practice immediately. If this is the support you’ve been craving, we’ll schedule your first session and discuss whether you’d like to pay in full up front or in monthly installments. I will invoice you for the amount due (to be paid through paypal using your bank account or credit card) and send you some pre-work to get us started. And you’ll be on your way to a solid, supportive practice.

Your introductory session is completely free and does not in any way obligate you to purchase the program. The Yoga of You is an investment in yourself, and it’s important that this be the right fit in order to get the benefits your are seeking.

Have questions? Let’s talk. Book your complimentary introductory session today:

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