7 Tiny Offerings or The Book I Never Planned to Make


Remember when we were talking about inner wisdom, and how it it’s built on all the ways that love can feel? This is (part of) the story of 7 Tiny Offerings, which was built just this way. It started with a quote from Jorge Luis Borges. “…when I began to write, we never thought about […]

The Paradox of Inner Wisdom


Kylie and I made a short video for you about inner wisdom; why it’s important and what we want you to know about it. Listen in below. And it got me thinking. What I said in this video is truth.  Following your heart doesn’t have to be scary. It doesn’t have to shake up your whole […]

A simple strategy for listening to your heart when there’s a lot at stake


We’ve talked about inner wisdom as the language of love and how we know we have it. We’ve discussed whether or not it’s selfish to follow your heart (it’s not.) Today, we’re going to get practical. What happens when you’re faced with a decision and you feel paralyzed? How do you tap into your inner […]

Inner Wisdom and How We Know We Have It


One thing I know about inner wisdom is that we all have it. Yes, even you. If someone had said this to me twenty years ago, I would have rolled my eyes, while secretly wishing for an inner compass of my own. Much later, I woke up to the disconnect between the structure of my […]

Drawing from the Well


You’ve consulted with your friends, your therapist, and even your cat. (The feline was suspiciously silent.) Still, you don’t know what to do. You’re overwhelmed, uncertain, and losing faith in your own wisdom. Oof. Let us show you another way. A kinder, calmer, more loving way. My friend Kylie Bellard and I have been checking […]

Practice Notes: Chaturanga


My practice morphs and evolves according to my needs. It balances what needs equilibrium, amplifies what needs some oomph, and always, always begins with who I am, right now, and what this body and spirit need, in this moment. Some days I don’t move much or at all. Some days, I never leave the floor […]