My mission is rooted in connection. The kind of connection that empowers and heals, nourishing the entire scope of our lives.

My method is practice, founded in whole-being presence and supported by intentional curiosity. I work through sensation and human experience to get at something bigger – the whole, human self.

Come home to yourself.


I’m a practicing human. I view life, and living, as practice. This view is cultivated by my personal practices of yoga, meditation, and writing. Practice provides me with the freedom to experiment, to fail, to learn and grow, and builds my capacity for connection, courage, and compassion.


About my work as a massage therapist and community-oriented business owner.


Individualized yoga instruction and e-courses to support your personal practice.


I write about practice. I write as a practice.

Perspectives on Practice

Conversation and Kinship for practicing humans. Interviews, features, and writings on the commonalities and challenges of different forms of practice and how it enriches our lives.


The core values that inform my work are connection, integrity, respect, curiosity, humor, and love. Creativity, collaboration, and community help to expand my impact. Travel broadens my perspective and deepens my appreciation for humans and this world, and my practices keep me growing.


The details.

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I am deeply grateful to all my teachers for sharing their practices and support, especially yoga teachers Dharma Richards and Andrey Lappa, Reiki master Deborah Mckeand, my many instructors at the Body Therapy Institute including John McElvey, Beverly Johnson, and Kevin Powell, and my teaching instructors at the Center for Embodied Teacher Education – Carey Smith, Karen Delahunty, and Carol Verner.

I’m also grateful for the work of Judith Hanson Lasater, Parker Palmer, Angeles Arrien, Richard Strozzi Heckler, and Deane Juhan for their guiding voices.