Connection begins in our bodies, and extends into the world. 

Connection is how we learn about the bodies we live in, and how our bodies teach us what we need. Connection is how we heal injury or illness, build healthy habits, and bring meaning to our lives. Connection is about relationship: between our minds and our bodies, ourselves and others, within our own community of cells, and within our wider community of humans. We live in our bodies, and we live in the world.

My method is practice. My tools are bodywork, movement, and attention. I work with the body to get at something bigger – the whole, human self.


The details:

I’m a massage therapist (NCLMBT #15092) educated at the Body Therapy Institute, and a graduate and faculty member of the Spirit of Learning Teacher Education program with the Center for Embodied Teacher Education. I’m also a yoga practitioner with a decade of regular practice and an instructor with over 1000 hours of teaching experience (E-RYT200), the bulk of it working individually and facilitating groups in their practice of self-inquiry. Durham Bodywork is the alliance of all the pieces of my work, a community based organization expanding access to massage therapy and embodied education and creating meaningful, sustainable opportunities for healing professionals.  

What all that actually means:

My education and study of massage therapy, anatomy, energetics, somatics and yoga support an individualized, therapeutic approach.

Learning and teaching are at the heart of my work and I come to both with an attitude of practice. I am endlessly fascinated with the human body in all it’s variations, and all the ways it helps us move through the world. In my experience, musculoskeletal structure is not separate from energetic and emotional being, nor from the mind. When you work with me, I show up with all my skills, presence, and curiosity to welcome you as you are now, to help you connect with your body and your self, and to support any changes you wish to make. Whether we begin with movement, or massage, or energy work, we’ll connect with your body and we’ll work collaboratively, designing sessions that best fit your individual needs, today.

The core values supporting my work are connection, integrity, respect, curiosity, humor, and love.



I am deeply grateful to all my teachers past and present for sharing their practices and support, especially yoga teachers Dharma Richards and Andrey Lappa, Reiki master Deborah Dixon, my many instructors at the Body Therapy Institute including John McElvey, Beverly Johnson, and Kevin Powell, and my teaching instructors and mentors at the Center for Embodied Teacher Education – Carey Smith, Karen Delahunty, and Carol Verner.

I’m also grateful for the work of Judith Hanson Lasater, Parker Palmer, Angeles Arrien, Richard Strozzi Heckler, and Deane Juhan for their guiding voices.